Quest:Challenge: Zaudru

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Challenge: Zaudru
Level Server Cap
Type Raid
Repeatable Yes
Starts at Helegrod: Spider Wing
Quest Group Helegrod
Quest Text


Zaudru's brood has flourished beneath the peak of Helegrod.

Once a sufficient number of Grisgart's allies are defeated an opportunity will arise to burn several of Xaudru's cocoons. Once burned, the spider will become enraged and enter the battle. She must fall before the final four white silkspinners are defeated. (Note: this in-game description is outdated and inaccurate)

Objective 1

Breosal and Zaudru are deep within the tunnels underneath Helegrod.

Objective 2

  • Defeat Breosal's Allies

Breosal has brought many allies with her, they will need to be eliminated.

Objective 3

  • Light the cocoons on fire
  • Do not defeat any Silkspinners until the cocoons are burned

Logs have started falling from the bonfires. They can be used to burn the cocoons and spider-nests surrounding this area.

Objective 4

  • Defeat Zaudru
  • Defeat the Angmarim Silkspinners (0/4)

Burning the cocoons has angered Zaudru. She must now be vanquished.