Quest:Challenge: Sâri-surma -- Survival

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Challenge: Sâri-surma -- Survival
Level 130
Type Fellowship
Repeatable Yes
Starts at Sâri-surma
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [20.1N, 78.8W]
Quest Group In Their Absence
Quest Text


Having discovered Drugoth's secret citadel, you must clear it of all threats. An ancient iceberg has been made into a breeding ground for the Dead.

This quest will be cancelled if you leave Sâri-surma before completing it.

Objective 1

  • Reach the summit of Sâri-surma

Drugoth the Death-monger has relocated from the Misty Mountains and made his new home in the largest iceberg in the Icebay of Forochel. Now, his mad, rambling mind is planning an attack on Annúminas to the south.

You must stop this attack before it happens. Proceed through the fortress and reach the summit of the glacier. Follow Drugoth, and put an end to his devious plot.

Objective 2

  • Defeat Drugoth
  • Do not defeat either of Drugoth's Guardians

Having killed Drugoth's captains, you have reached the top of the iceberg and blocked the Death-monger's escape. You must defeat Drugoth as quickly as possible, while avoiding the interference of his two guardians.

This challenge quest will fail if either guardian is defeated.