Quest:Burning the Eye (Céola)

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Burning the Eye
Level 75
Type Solo
Starts with Céola
Starts at Etheburg
Start Region Great River
Map Ref [31.2S, 52.2W]
Quest Group Brown Lands
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'In view of Dagbert's treason, we are forced to deal with the Khundolar at once. We must find a way to discourage them...and I may have it.

'The Khundolar fly the banners of the Dark Lord at Lashkarg. I have heard that they serve Mordor in direct disregard for the mandates of their master, a man who calls himself Yirokhsar the Blue, a sorcerer of no small power, they say.

'Perhaps if we burn these banners, we can convince them that the Eye is not greater than the Mark, and they will depart. I hold no great hope of this, but should you accomplish this deed return to me with the results.'


The Khundolar fly the banner of the Great Eye in open demonstration of their service to the Dark apparent disregard to the mandates of their mysterious master, Yirokhsar.

Objective 1

Banners of the Great Eye can be found at Lashkarg, south-east of Etheburg in the Brown Lands.

Céola asked you to enter Lashkarg and burn the banners of the Great Eye.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Céola at Etheburg in the Brown Lands

Céola is at Etheburg in the Brown Lands, north-west of Lashkarg.

You should return to Céola with news of your success.

Céola: 'Alas, it is as I expected. They were not deterred.
'Thank you, nonetheless, for your valiant efforts.'