Quest:Bounty: The White Stag

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Bounty: The White Stag
Level 97
Type Solo
Starts with Bounty Board
Starts at Alagrant
Start Region Blackroot Vale
Map Ref [58.6S, 68.6W]
Ends with Dírion
Ends at Alagrant
End Region Blackroot Vale
Map Ref [58.6S, 68.5W]
Quest Chain Alagrant
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The posted note advertises a bounty on a particularly elusive white stag, described as a powerful and brilliantly white stag whose speed is unmatched by any in the vale, and invites all interested hunters to seek out Dírion in Alagrant for more information on the stag's last known whereabouts.


The hunters of Alagrant have posted a bounty in hopes of capturing a rare white stag that has appeared in the vale.

Objective 1

Dírion can be found in Alagrant in western Blackroot Vale.

You have found a posted bounty for a white stag in Blackroot Vale, and should now speak to Dírion for more information.

Dírion: 'So, you seek to capture the white stag? A noble goal to be certain, but one that countless others have failed to achieve.
'You see, nature has not brought forth such a wondrous symbol of Gondor since the White Tree, and I can think of no better symbol to hearten the people of the vale. I would never ask you to harm such a beautiful beast, but perhaps you can capture it for the people of Morlad.
'I have heard such varying accounts of its whereabouts, but it was last seen far to the east and beyond the Stone. Good fortune and swift strides, <name>... you shall need both.'

Objective 2

The white stag was last seen somewhere in eastern Blackroot Vale.

Dírion offered you some advice on where to track the white stag, and you should now seek it out.

The white stag flees at your approach, but you should pursue it

Objective 3

  • Pursue and capture the white stag

You should follow the white stag as it flees in eastern Blackroot Vale.

The white stag has fled from your approach, but if you give chase, it is possible you might still catch it.

Before you can get any closer, the stag gathers its strength and sprints away

Objective 4

  • Talk to Dírion

Dírion can be found in Alagrant in western Blackroot Vale.

You were unable to capture the stag due to its agility, but should report back to Dírion in Alagrant.

Dírion: 'It got away, didn't it?
'I assumed as much, <name>, for none have been able to keep pace with it yet. Still, the fact that you have seen one in the vale heartens me.
'Do not fret, I shall track it myself now that I know its whereabouts.'