Quest:Bounty: Sickle-fly Pudding

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Bounty: Sickle-fly Pudding
Level 29
Type Solo
Repeatable 3 times
Starts with Glaednoth
Starts at Ost Haer
Start Region The Lone-lands
Map Ref [37.7S, 28.1W]
Quest Group Lone-lands
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I have slapped a good number of those sickle-flies and seen their insides.

'It looks to me that with the proper preparation you could mix together a tasty pudding from what they have within them. If you find yourself out on the fen and cornered by these creatures will you collect their gizzards?

'I think that I shall make a fine pudding from them.'


An enterprising and perhaps delusional member of the Eglain plans on creating strange food dishes to assist in the shortage that the Eglain face almost regularly.

Objective 1

Sickle-flies can be found throughout the swamp of Harloeg. Glaednoth is located at Ost Haer in the southernmost reaches of Harloeg.

Glaednoth has asked you to collect gizzards from the skicle-flies of Harloeg.

Glaednoth: 'Search for the sickle-flies all throughout the swamp of Harloeg. I see some even now, hovering above the wetland or maybe resting upon it.'
Glaednoth: 'Yes! These are definitely soft enough and bear the consistency I desire.
'I must give you what I offered. Thank you, <name>.'