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The Blood-pact
Level 45
Type Fellowship
Starts with Lornë
Starts at Tyrn Lhuig
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [1.9S, 32.9W]
Quest Group Angmar
Quest Chain Blood-price
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'So it seems that the Silk-lady holds the key to my sister's fate, and that she is conveniently at hand in a nearby outpost.

'I must tell you, though, that the outpost is heavily-guarded, and what I have heard of the Silk-lady, I fear that you would not be able to fight your way to find her on your own. If you will undertake to learn my sister's fate, you should bring allies with you.

'If you do choose to confront her, take these tokens and approach her tower - having slain several of her favored minions she would not refuse such a challenge from you.'


Lornë believes that the Silk-lady is holding her sister Muirnë captive within the high tower of Bail Boglakh.

She has asked you to confront the Silk-lady in the hopes of freeing her at last.

Objective 1

The Silk-lady is in the Angmarim fortress of Bail Boglakh on the north side of Malenhad, which guards the road into eastern Angmar.

Lornë has asked you and your companions to confront the Silk-lady at the high tower therein in hopes of finding and freeing her sister Muirnë.

Muirnë says: "Ah, so you are the ones who have been seeking Muirnë and slaughtering my followers as you go?"
Muirnë says: "Well, your search is over - for I am Muirnë!"
Muirnë says: "My soft-hearted fool of a sister never understood my desires and has led you on a fool's errand - one that has led you only to your death!"
You have slain Muirnë!

Objective 2

  • Return to Lornë and tell her of Muirnë's fate

You confronted the Silk-lady and learned that she was in fact Lornë's sister Muirnë. You defeated the Silk-lady in combat and now must bear the dark tidings back to Lornë.

Lornë can be found at Tyrn Lhuig in Malenhad.

Lornë: 'What have you learned? What? No! It is impossible!
'No...but I must accept the truth of what you tell me. Muirnë was ever a willful child, spoiled selfish. But still, to become a spider-keeper of the Iron Crown! i have wasted a year of my life weeping for the fate of a monster!
'Alas, this is a bitter draught to down. But dark though these tidings be, you have done what I asked, Southron. You have my thanks...I am too deeply in your debt, but I will try to pay you what I can.'