Quest:Black Hearts

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Black Hearts
Level 90
Type Solo
Starts with Blackthorn
Starts at Eastern Fangorn
Start Region Broadacres
Map Ref [42.8S, 71.6W]
Quest Group Tordag's Camp
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Little <race>, this black heartwood concerns me. No natural ailment afflicted it. Hoom, I need more to study. Bring me the heartwood of the Black Huorns, so that I might determine what evil has come to this wood.

'Ta-rum, if it is as widespread as I fear, much of the forest might be ruined....'


The Ent Blackthorn is disturbed by the emergence of Black Huorns from the heart of Fangorn, which do not heed his voice.

Objective 1

Black Huorns may be found throughout the eaves of Fangorn bordering the Broadacres.

Blackthorn asked you to bring him more of the black heartwood, so that he might learn the origin of the corruption.

Objective 2

  • Bring the black heartwood you collected to Blackthorn

Blackthorn awaits your return in the eaves of Fangorn, bordering the Broadacres.

You should bring the black heartwood that you collected to Blackthorn the Ent.

Blackthorn: 'Ta-rum! It is as I thought! There is sorcery in these hearts, and there is but one power near Fangorn capable of this evil.
'Young Saruman, has, hoom, has much to account for. He and his burárum have wrought great destruction in this wood. Now he shall see me positively hasty!'