Quest:Barad Guldur: The Deep Assault

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Barad Guldur: The Deep Assault
Level Scaling
Type Raid
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Barad Guldur
Starts at Barad Guldur
Start Region Mirkwood
Map Ref [13.9S, 42.2W]
Ends with Anglú
Quest Group Dungeons of Dol Guldur
Quest Chain Barad Guldur
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Well met, <name>. I am Belvaer, commander of this outpost, and it is an honour to meet you at last. Your deeds are known to us, and it is for this reason that I have devised a great task for you and your companions.

'Our assault on the fortress of Dol Guldur is drawing near to its conclusion, and I am striving to organize a tactical strike to swing the campaign in our favour once and for all. This is where you come in, Name.

'I need you and your host of stout warriors to break into the lower section of Barad Guldur and cut off the nearly endless stream of enemy forces -- the army of Dol Guldur. Their captain must be felled, and I believe that the soldiers in his wake will be stopped with him. I wish you luck, my friend. You will need luck and more to succeed in this endeavour, but I have great faith in your skill.'


The Malledhrim have asked you and your companions to enter Barad Guldur in an attempt to strike at the heart of the forces of Dol Guldur.

Objective 1

Barad Guldur is a mighty tower at the fortress of Dol Guldur.

Once inside, Belvaer has asked you to sever the flow of enemy reinforcements streaming from the tower. Belvaer seems to think that the captain of the guard should be found soon after beginning your ascent of the tower.

You have broken through the forces in lower Barad Guldur

Objective 2

  • Talk to Anglú in Barad Guldur

Anglú is in Barad Guldur.

You should speak with the Elf-lieutenant Anglú for further instruction on your offensive.

Anglú: 'Well met, <name>! Your foray into this evil tower shall not be soon forgotten by the Elves who survive the offensive. We are indebted to you for breaching the lower defenses of Barad Guldur.

'From here I believe we can look to advancing further up the tower -- not a small feat, I assure you.

'But for now, take a moment's respite. You have earned it.'