Quest:Answering the Summons

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Call of Honour
Level 74
Type Solo
Starts with Eowils
Starts at The Rushgore
Start Region Great River
Map Ref [30.3S, 54.4W]
Ends with Wynstan
Ends at Aculf's Camp
End Region Great River
Map Ref [29.1S, 55.3W]
Quest Group Rushgore
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Well done, <name>! You say that this Brúngwath bade you recover our relics to prove your honour and earn the allegiance of the Dead? You must return to the shade at once and let him know that you have fulfilled your oath and now require his!

'To be rid of the spirits from this place will be a relief, but to have them put our enemies to flight will be of even greater value!

'When you have done this, return to Wynstan...he will be encouraged by your news!'


Eowils knows that Wynstan will be encouraged by Brúngwath's willingness to rejoin the battle against the Enemy.

Objective 1

Brúngwath awaits your return at Atburg, south-east of Aculf's camp in the Rushgore.

Eowils instructed you to return to Brúngwath and assure him that you fulfilled your oath to him.

Brúngwath: 'You have returned the stolen relics to the Rohirrim? That is well. You have earned our allegiance, <name>. When next we meet, we shall stand together against the foe!

Objective 2

  • Talk to Wynstan at Aculf's camp in the Rushgore

Wynstan is at Aculf's camp in the Rushgore, north-west of Atburg.

Eowils instructed you to return to Wynstan with the news that Brúngwath has pledged his allegiance to you.

Wynstan: 'I say, well done! This is wondrous news indeed. You have earned this reward.'