Quest:Another Siege on Trestlebridge

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Another Siege on Trestlebridge
Level 25
Type Fellowship
Starts with Landscape Quest
Starts at Nan Wathren
Start Region North Downs
Map Ref [15.9S, 48.0W]
Ends at Nan Wathren
End Region North Downs
Map Ref [16.0S, 46.8W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

You hear the clanking of hammers not far from here. Whenever the Orcs deign to build, the construction has only one use: war.

You should find and disable the siege-engines, and stop their construction once and for all.

Fellowship Recommended.


The Tarkrîp of Nan Wathren have taken to building siege-engines for another attack on Trestlebridge.

Objective 1

  • Find and destroy siege-engines (0/6)

Siege-engines can be found in central Nan Wathren.

You should find and destroy the siege-engines of the enemy.

Fellowship Recommended.

Objective 2

Siege-engineers can be found somewhere in central Nan Wathren.

The Tarkrîp Orcs do not seem cunning enough to have constructed the siege-engines. Surely there are engineers serving the enemy, and these intelligent foes should be defeated.

Tarkrîp Siege-engineer says, "I don't need Lugbas' fire to deal with you!"
Tarkrîp Siege-engineer says, "Lugbas will reward me for your death!"
Tarkrîp Siege-engineer says, "Lugbas was right, the pickings are better in the North!"
Tarkrîp Siege-engineer says, "Lugbas...was wrong...."
Tarkrîp Siege-engineer says, "Shouldn't have listened to...Lugbas...."

Objective 3

  • Destroy the siege plans left behind

The siege-plans can be found in central Nan Wathren, near where the engineers once stood.

The half-orc engineers left a collection of plans behind for the siege on Trestlebridge. You should destroy the plans, which will likely save many innocent lives.

You have destroyed the remaining plans for a fresh attack on Trestlebridge

Objective 4

  • Completed

You have done much to ensure the safety of Trestlebridge this day. The Tarkrîp siege-machines have been dismantled, and the plans of attack have been allayed.