Quest:An Urgent Message

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An Urgent Message
Level 23
Type Solo
Starts with Amarion
Starts at Amon Raith
Start Region The North Downs
Map Ref [12.5S, 52.8W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Text


Note, this quest was removed in Update 13.

Bestowal dialogue

'It might be nothing, <name>, but I would swear that I saw...Aye! Look there! A goblin, running with great speed out of the north and towards their camp! What errand could have given him the need for such haste?

'He has reached the camp. He was likely an errand-runner, and such urgency can mean only ill-tidings for the people here.

'If I can ask you one more favour, I would have you journey into the goblin camp on the southern slopes of Annúndir, to the east. Defeat the Stonehold Chief there, and return with whatever message he was given. It may already be too late, but I would know what doom this goblin-runner's errand signifies.'


The refugees at Amon Raith are restless about the state of their homes and want something done about the Wargs that have invaded northern Annúndir.

Objective 1

The Stonehold Chief is in the goblin camp on the southern hills of Annúndir, east of Amon Raith.

Amarion has asked you to retrieve the message that was delivered to the Stonehold Chief in southern Annúndir.

William Peake: 'Amarion thinks a message was delivered to the Stonehold Chief in the camp on the southern hills of Annúndir? If he's right, you'd better go wrest that message from the goblin-chief! Who knows what they might be planning?'
Amarion: 'Journey to the goblin camp on the southern slopes of Annúndir, to the east of Amon Raith, and defeat the Stonehold Chief there. I want the message that was delievered to him.'

Objective 2

The Ranger Amarion is at Amon Raith.

Amarion will want to see the message you recovered from the body of the goblin-chief.

Amarion: 'This message poses more riddles than answers, <name>, but I thank you for bringing it! It would appear that a gang of Tarkrîp Orcs unearthed something, then divided into two parties and headed both north-west and south-east. The party that went south-east may have been carrying something.
'What did they found remains a mystery, and it is one for which I do not have the answer. You have done well to bring this here, and I would reward you as best as I may. Perhaps someday we will learn the answer to this riddle.'