Quest:An Ancient Threat

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An Ancient Threat
Level 50
Type Raid
Starts with Eimyr
Starts at Norbar in The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu, Thrâng's room (after Thrâng is defeated)
Start Region Angmar
Ends with Iorelen
Ends at Iorelen's Camp
End Region Angmar
Map Ref [10.9N, 15.5W]
Quest Group The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The Ever-seer lied to the Eldgang. We will no longer listen to his foul words.

'For many centuries, we suffered the cruelty of Thaurlach, a Balrog of the Great Enemy, and fought against him. When the Blue Wanderers came with the Elf Glathírel and chained Thaurlach, our people were glad and helped to watch him. Now the Ever-seer wishes to free Thaurlach and use him for his own evil purposes.

'Go to Gorthban and help Glathírel, who remains here still in vigil over Thaurlach's prison. She will know what to do.'


Eimyr, the chieftain of the Eldgang, realized the folly of his ways and has chosen to stand against the ancient evil which lies within the halls of Nûrz Gâashu.

Objective 1

Glathlírel stands vigilant outside of Gorthban.

Eimyr has instructed you to find Glathlírel and aid her against Thaurlach, a Balrog of Morgoth.

Objective 2

Iorelen is at Iorelen's Camp.

You have slain Thaurlach and should tell Iorelen of your deeds.

Iorelen: 'What is this you tell me, <name>? The Balrog Thaurlach has been defeated? That is a hope we dared not dream of. Your name shall be recorded in the lore of the Elves as long as time shall last.

'Take this as a reward for your dauntless courage.'