Quest:Against the Shadow

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Against the Shadow
Level 111
Type Solo
Starts with Legolas
Starts at Cirith Ungol
Start Region Lhingris
Map Ref [61.4S, 8.3E]
Ends with Auto Complete
Quest Chain Mordor: Lhingris
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

As with her many children in Mirkwood, those of Shelob's brood are fearful of the light. There is little light to be found in Lhingris, but...the glow of flames might fend them off for a time.

'See if you can find any loose wood or wreckage within Cirith Ungol, and set it aflame. It will not repel them for long, but perhaps it shall be enough.'


Hoping to keep the spiders of Shelob's brood from overtaking the Tower of Cirith Ungol, Legolas has asked you to light bright fires within the walls of the fortress.

Objective 1

  • Set fires in Cirith Ungol to repel Shelob's brood (0/10)

Ruined scraps of wood and wreckage can be found throughout Cirith Ungol.

Legolas has asked you to set fires in Cirith Ungol to repel the spiders of Shelob's brood.

Objective 2

  • Completed

You have set many fires within Cirith Ungol, and the light of the flames has worked to repel Shelob's brood for the moment.

Aided Legolas in hindering Shelob's siege of Cirith Ungol (0/4)