Quest:A Worthy Garment

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A Worthy Garment
Level 50
Type Solo
Starts with Dardúr
Starts at Gondamon
Start Region Ered Luin
Map Ref [20.1S, 96.8W]
Quest Group Rune-keeper
Class Rune-keeper
Quest Chain Learned in Letters
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'We Rune-keepers are not a vain lot, <name>. You and I both know that knowledge is a treasure of the mind, not of our garments. Still, it is also true that others don't give us our due respect if we do not garb ourselves as they wish to see us. Such is the way of the unenlightened.

'Now is the time for you to gain the attire that will win that respect. Seek out the materials I need, and I will make for you such equipment that befits a rune-keeper.

'First, I will need the vines that grow through the hides of the creatures which lurk in Glâd Ereg in Eregion and the hide of the cold-worm Helchuan, who dwells in Forochel. May your way be a safe one, <name>.'


Dardúr has agreed to help you create a garment worthy of a Rune-keeper of your standing.

Objective 1

Huorns and prowlers dwell in Glâd Ereg in Eregion. Helchuan prowls near the springs north of Zigilgund in Forochel.

Dardúr wishes you to bring him vines gathered from the creatures of nature in Eregion and the hide of the cold-worm Helchuan.

Objective 2

Dardúr is at Gondamon in Ered Luin.

Dardúr: 'Very good, <name>. These are a fine beginning. Now you must fetch the second set of items, as soon as you can.
'These include the paws of the barghests which prowl Fornost in the North Downs and Haudh Iarchith in Bree-land and the corrosive droplets of the brimstone-leeches of Angmar.'

Objective 3

Barghests can be found at Fornost in the North Downs, the Tomb of Maenadar in the Barrow-downs of Bree-land, and in Angmar. Brimstone-leeches can be found in Angmar.

Dardúr now requires barghest paws and drops of brimstone-leech ichor.

Objective 4

Dardúr: 'So, <name>, we have two sets of the necessary items. Now only the third remains, and your garment shall be complete. Go now and finish your labours.
'I need now a Badge of Command from the uruk Lagmâs at Urugarth and a horn from the Gorthorog Târlug at Carn Dûm.'

Objective 5

Dardúr's notes should help you find the third set of items. Dardúr is at Gondamon in Ered Luin.

Dardúr now needs the badge of Lagmâs and the horn of Târlug to complete your reward.

Objective 6

Dardúr: 'This is the last of it, <name>. Your task has been long, but now your garment is complete. Wear it well, and all shall know that you are a keeper of runes.'