Quest:A Promise Fulfilled

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A Promise Fulfilled
Level 34
Type Solo
Starts with Gondranc
Starts at Esteldín Forecourt
Start Region The North Downs
Map Ref [9.7S, 42.1W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'This task, at least, is finished. I have much work to do to help my kindred prepare for the coming war, but my oath to Trestlebridge shall at least be fulfilled.

'I need you, if you are willing, to deliver this armour to Jarred Mason in Trestlebridge. He is a man of some crafting skill himself. I believe he is acting as the armourer for his people.

'I am sure you have crossed through Trestlebridge and know well their plight, but should you have lost your direction, it lies far to the west and south of Esteldín, along the Greenway leading to Bree-land.'


At the request of the Ranger Gondranc, you went to the camp of the Earth-kin north-east of Esteldín to retrieve a book of leatherworking lore Asikko, the Earth-kin's chieftain, had promised him. With this lore, he has crafted armour for the people of Trestlebridge.

Objective 1

Jarred Mason is an armourer in Trestlebridge, far to the west and south of Esteldín, along the Greenway.

Gondranc completed the armour he had promised for the people of Trestlebridge and has only to deliver it. He has asked you to act as his courier and deliver the armour to a man named Jarred Mason.

Gondranc: 'Make your way west and south to the town of Trestlebridge at the border of the North Downs and Bree-land. Deliver his armour to Jarred Mason.'
Jarred Mason: 'What is this? You say this came from Gondranc? I will admit I had not thought to hear from him again!
'My friend is a wanderer, rarely staying in one place too long, and when he decided to pass north, I could not help but wonder what he hoped to find in the barrens. Then the Orcs came, and I was sure he had perished.
'My people, what few are left here, need it more than ever. If you know where Gondranc is return to him with my thanks!'

Objective 2

  • Talk to Gondranc

Gondranc resides at Esteldín, far to the north and east of Trestlebridge.

Jarred Mason has asked you to return to Gondranc with his thanks for the armour.

Jarred Mason: 'Please, tell Gondranc that he has helped to restore hope to us in this beleaguered time.'
Gondranc: 'Jarred is a good man. I have often wanted to tell him of our home here at Esteldín, but our way of life is too dangerous to explain to those who know it not already.
'If this war which rages about us ends and my Lord Aragorn takes his rightful place, perhaps there will be a tome when I may tell Jarred my whole tale, but for now, his safety -- and ours -- must hold precedence.
'I have something for you. Your efforts are deserving of a greater gift. I used the remnants of what you brought me to craft you this fine armour.'