Quest:A Multitude of Durub

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A Multitude of Durub
Level 55
Type Solo
Starts with Dómárr
Starts at The Great Hall of Durin
Start Region Zelem-melek
Map Ref [7.7S, 105.6W]
Quest Group Moria: Zelem-melek
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Those Orcs we saw -- the Durub of Gazatu-ru -- they chanted in their hideous tongues that they are the chosen of Mordor.

'This hall is not safe while that camp stands. I fear to sleep, and I have been on watch for hours while I rest my legs. If a warrior such as yourself could thin out their numbers, perhaps I could find some true rest here. I make for the Orc-watch in the Redhorn Lodes, and the journey is long and difficult.'


The Durub, a tribe of Mordor Orcs who claim to be the chosen of Sauron, have established their camp just south of the Twenty-first Hall.

Objective 1

Durub Orcs can be found at Gazatu-ru, south of the Twenty-first Hall.

Dómárr has asked you to show the Durub that they are not welcome in the Great Hall of Durin.

Dómárr: 'The Durub are surely nothing to Mordor and less than nothing to Khâzad-dum. The only chosen here are Durin's Folk.'

Objective 2

Dómárr is resting at a small campfire in the Great Hall of Durin, south of the Twenty-first Hall.

Dómárr will be pleased to hear that the ranks of the Durub have been thinned.

Dómárr: 'That's more like it, <name>! The Durub shall know the names of the rightful rulers of Khazad-dûm.'