Quest:A Freshwater Cure

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A Freshwater Cure
Level 59
Type Solo
Starts with Tyki
Starts at The Shadowed Refuge
Start Region Foundations of Stone
Map Ref [13.0S, 101.7W]
Quest Group Moria: Foundations of Stone
Quest Chain The Fungus Among Us
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I rather wonder if the foul, rank, stagnant water that those Orcs drink might have something to do with their horrid condition. Perhaps introducing some fresh water into their supply will help to keep the fungal infection from spreading any further.

'Take this waterskin and fill it with fresh water. Add that to the Orcs' stagnant spring, and I feel confident we could see some significant results!

'The only place you will find fresh water around here is within the small cave nearby. Once you've filled your waterskin, take it and empty it into the Orcs' spring at Dalgum-ru to the south.'


Tyki suspects that the fungus is spreading amongst the Orcs through the stagnant, contaminated water they all drink. He thinks that adding clean, fresh water to their supply may help to cure them.

Objective 1

  • Find fresh water

Fresh water may be obtained in the small cave within the Shadowed Refuge. The Globsnaga Orcs' stagnant spring may be found at Dalgum-ru, south of the Shadowed Refuge.

Tyki wants you to add clean water to the Globsnaga Orcs' fetid water in an effort to cure them of their fungal infection.

Tyki: 'Fresh water can be found within the small cave nearby. The Orcs live around Dalgum-ru.'
There is fresh water in the well
Filled the waterskin with fresh water

Objective 2

  • Find the Globsnaga Orcs' water supply

The Globsnaga Orcs' stagnant spring is at Dalgum-ru, south of the Shadowed Refuge.

Bring the waterskin of fresh water to the Orcs' water supply.

The water is brackish and foul
  • Empty the waterskin into the Globsnaga Orcs' water
Emptied the waterskin into the Globsnaga Orcs' water

Objective 3

Tyki is at the Shadowed Refuge, north of Dalgum-ru.

You should return to Tyki and report back with the results of his freshwater cure.

Tyki: 'You are back! Well? Is the news good? Did you see any Orcs drinking? Did they get better?'