Quest:A Different Sort of Treasure

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A Different Sort of Treasure
Level 99
Type Solo
Starts with Dolvir
Starts at Edhellond
Start Region Havens of Belfalas
Map Ref [72.5S, 66.3W]
Ends with Dolvir
Ends at Edhellond
End Region Havens of Belfalas
Map Ref [72.5S, 66.3W]
Quest Chain Edhellond
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'If there is one thing I have learned about these Corsairs, it is that they are never far from a mug. For all the treasures they have stolen from our lands, I do not think anything means more to them than their stores of ale.

'They seek to pillage Gondor until nothing remains, so I think it fitting that you deprive them of their greatest treasure.

'Out on their boats, I have seen them drink from hefty barrels of ale... burn them all, and let us see if their assault does not dwindle within days.'


Dolvir of Ost Lontir seeks to strike a harsh blow against the Corsairs of Umbar by destroying their supply of ale.

Objective 1

  • Destroy barrels of ale on Corsair ships (0/6)

Barrels of ale can be found on the three Corsair ships moored at Edhellond.

Dolvir has asked you to burn barrels of ale in hopes of shattering the morale of the Corsairs.

Objective 2

Dolvir can be found on a hilltop to the east of Edhellond.

You have destroyed a huge supply of Corsair ale, and should return to Dolvir with news of your success.

Dolvir: 'Hah! You need not tell me what you have done, <name>.
'It was truly a joy to behold... I have never seen them fall into such disarray before today! Let them learn well that the Men of Gondor know exactly where to strike!'