Quest:A Dark Prank

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A Dark Prank
Level 45
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Any Ale Association Tavern Keep
Ends with Lófi
Ends at Zigilgund
End Region Forochel
Map Ref [9.6N, 81.1W]
Quest Group Festival
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I've received a different sort of orders from Jónar, the head of this here society. He hates the Inn League so much that he has assigned me a rather different task than my Inn League neighbour there. Shh, he mustn't hear us!

'One of my poor, traitorous fellow dwarves is far away in Forochel, the frozen north-lands. He is at a dwarf-keep called Zigilgund and is a zealous member of the Inn League; he spurns the Ale Association. I do not want him to infect other dwarves with his folly, so we shall play a little trick on him.

'He wishes to complete the challenge by drinking Moor-boar Beer from The Prancing Pony. But that is not what he'll get, oh no. We'll be delivering him a Toad's Tongue Ale. I wonder if he'll be able to tell the difference between a boar and a toad at the moment of truth....'


You have been tasked with delivering unpleasant things to Inn League Members in need of assistance, something only a terrible <class> would do.

Objective 1

The Floating Log is in Frogmorton in the Shire.

You should get a pint of Toad's Tongue Ale from Ponto Hopsbloom, the tavern keep at The Floating Log.

Ponto Hopsbloom: 'One Toad's Tongue Ale, coming up! This is a local favourite, but no one from outside Frogmorton ever seems particularly keen to order this. I cannot imagine why.'

Objective 2

Lófi is at Zigilgund in Forochel, far to the frozen north.

You should bring the fake Moor-boar Beer, which is actually Toad's Tongue Ale in disguise, to Lófi before it is too late.

Lófi: 'What have we here? I am very excited! I can toast with my good brother at last, and we'll complete the Inn League Challenge once and for all.'
Lófi drinks deep of the Toad's Tongue Ale, and his nose wrinkles a bit when he lowers his mug.
'That was not what I expected at all! It was a little slimier and less furry than I expected, if you know what I mean. I thought a Boar-inspired beer would put some hair on my beard, but instead...I do not know what to make of that.'