Quest:A Daring Rescue

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A Daring Rescue
Level 23
Type Solo
Starts with Leofwenna
Starts at Minas Eriol
Start Region The Lone-lands
Map Ref [35.3S, 38.4W]
Ends with Gadaric Munce
Ends at The Forsaken Inn
End Region The Lone-lands
Map Ref [34.0S, 40.7W]
Quest Group Lone-lands
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'<race>, you are eyes are not deceived! I am Leofwenna of the Eglain. I have been trapped here for weeks, wounded and unable to make my way out past the goblins.

'My people were overrun by the goblins and were forced to flee. I defended them as best I could, saving some who reached the archway to the west, but my wounds were grievous, and I was fortunate to find this hiding place. I have been luckier still that the goblins that have gone missing thanks to my blade were not missed and had food, though ill fare it was.

'I am still weak and cannot make my way from this place on my own. Will you aid me? You need only take me as far as the archway to the west.'


Leofwenna was trapped in the ruins in the south-east when the Goblins overran the Eglain's camp there. She has been hiding amongst the ruins since that time and is need of assistance.

Objective 1

The arch leading from the ruins lies to the west.

Leofwenna has asked you to escort her to the arch leading out of the ruins and to freedom. She is in the area east beyond the first of the goblin camps south-east of The Forsaken Inn.

Leofwenna says, "We cannot risk the valley...the spiders are too strong."
Leofwenna says, "We must make our way across the bridge, through the goblins."
Leofwenna says, "Wait a moment! We must use caution from here...the goblins grow plentiful ahead."
Leofwenna says, "We must take care."
Leofwenna says, "watch your footing on the bridge ahead, unless you wish to face the spiders."
Leofwenna says, "At the foot of the stairs, we turn west toward freedom!"
Leofwenna says, "Let us show these vermin our strength!"
Leofwenna says, "Freedom at last!"
Leofwenna says, "He will find a way to reward you for your assistance."

Objective 2

Gadaric Munce is at The Forsaken Inn, north-west of the ruins.

Leofwenna suggested you seek Gadaric Munce, and that he would reward you for assisting her.

Gadaric Munce: 'Leofwenna is alive?
'My friend, you cannot understand the joy this brings me. You have given me a gift this day, and I shall never forget what you have done.
'Please, take this. It is a gift with much meaning, my friend.'