Quest:A Cauldron of Iron

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A Cauldron of Iron
Level 140
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Sergeant-at-Arms Gautr [16.0S, 17.3W]
Starts at Tol Ascarnen
Ends with Sergeant-at-Arms Gautr
Ends at Tol Ascarnen
Quest Group Ettenmoors Freep
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'This is war, friend, and in war you make choices that you might regret when all is done. Yet, if we do not make these difficult decisions, then there may be no tomorrow for regret. It is a terrible and confusing situation sometimes, but I follow my orders, and they are clear.

'I am to charge you with collecting ore from the Isendeep or those wretched goblins which make Grothum their home. Either way, the iron is to be used to craft a giant cauldron. We will fill the cauldron with oil and boil it to douse Angmar's forces when they assail the fortress.

'A terrible fate for certain, but no different than they shall do to us. The ore can be found in the Isendeep Mine to the north or from the goblins of Grothum in the north-east. Go quickly, friend, for we must prepare our defence.'


Captain-General Makan wishes to strengthen the defences of Tol Ascarnen by building a terrible weapon to wield against those attacking the fortress.

Objective 1

Iron ore can be found in the Isendeep to the north in Arador's End or on the goblins of Grothum to the north and east of Tol Ascarnen.

Sergeant-at-Arms Gautr at Tol Ascarnen is working to forge an iron cauldron to fill with oil to be used against the forces of Angmar as they try to retake the keep from the Free Peoples. He has asked you to help collect the iron ore needed to forge the cauldron.

Objective 2

Sergeant-at-Arms Gautr:

'This ore will do nicely, <name>. With enough of this, I will forge a sturdy iron cauldron, which we can use to douse our enemies.'