Penumbral Horror

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 Penumbral Horror
The Gelid Dead
Penumbral Horror.jpg
Faction Neutral
Location Ettenmoors
Area The Delving of Frór
Genus The Dead
Species Shade
Type Normal
Level Range 120
Morale Range 16,490
Power Range 1,620
Special Abilities Shadow Damage Heal DOT
Burrow Hiding


Penumbral Horrors can be found throughout the Delving of Frór beneath the Ettenmoors, except in specific areas. The major visual difference between an Umbral Horrors and Penumbral Horrors are the colored light shining from their mouth and eyes. An Umbral Horror has a purplish color light whereas the Penumbrals emit an orangish colored light and you will rarely find one without the other type close by.


Penumbral Horrors are melee attack types and their attacks are shadow damage in nature.

As with the Umbral Horrors these will usually try and burrow to hide for a few seconds mid-fight. This is an interruptable effect that may be interrupted with kick, gouge eyes or any other ability that would interrupt a spell.

These have a very nasty DoT that heals them.

Fear 1 (debuff)-icon.png Fright
Shadow 4-icon.png Shadow Grip
Fear 1 (debuff)-icon.png Shadow Vulnerability


  • Random items -- common+ quality.