Patch Notes - Update 2, Echoes of The Dead, Patch 1 April 15, 2011

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Update 2, Echoes of The Dead, Patch 1, Official April 15, 20

Update 2, Patch 1 Release Notes


  • An issue causing Character rollbacks under specific circumstances, primarily in the Ettenmoors, has been addressed. Thanks to everyone who provided data and helped track down the issue.
  • Players who logged out of the game prior to Update 2 launch in an area affected by gloom-inspired dread had a permanent dread effect as a result. All affected players should now see their dread gradually clear after login.



  • Some Burglar skills were not functioning correctly after Update 2. This has been addressed. This fix also corrects the issue with Hide in Plain Sight canceling stealth mode.


  • The Champion Trait Improved Flurry will once again increase Flurry's attack speed modifier to 20% in addition to increasing its duration.
  • Corrected the Tooltip for Flurry of blows. It will now display the correct information.


  • Minstrel's "Song of Soothing" healing debuff should now properly reduce incoming healing.

Raids, Instances, & Skirmishes

Ost Dunhoth:

  • The gate to the disease boss has been reworked so you cannot lock yourself out.
  • Challenge Chests for Ivar, Gortheron, and the Poison boss will now correctly spawn regardless of how many times the instances are reset.

Siege of Gondamon:

  • The boss will always enter the fight now.

Fall of Moria:

  • Durin's Bane will properly engage and advance the instance.


  • Lesser Ward of the West armour now has greater armour values.


  • New quests have been added that will only be visible to people who are in a broken state with advancing their crafting (expert to artisan/superior facility access). This quest is a copy of the previous quests and will advance stuck players through crafting.


  • The Oppressors of Stoneheight deed should now complete when killing Dale Truitt regardless of difficulty settings.


  • Addressed an issue with Tasks that would cause players to be stuck at 0/0 if they used a task reset item from the LOTRO Store before ever having completed a task.

Legendary Items

  • You should now be able to properly use shards for Deconstruction, Identification, or Reforging Legendary Items regardless of how much coin you have.


  • Renamed the sort name description on the Instance Join panel from "Alphabetical" to "Min Level" which better describes what that sort actually does.

Mounts & travel

  • Stable-masters will now function properly when you are within a dynamic layer.


  • The LOTRO Store has been updated so the additional return home skills will be MUCH easier to find and purchase.
  • VIPs should now be able to purchase the new additional wardrobe slots from the LOTRO Store.