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The Pale-folk or Nimwaith are the slave race of Angmar. When the Witch-king first conquered that realm, he demanded the construction of a massive capital city as a monument to his power. Many Angmarim and Hill-men were pressed into service towards this end and survived on only foul meats and tainted water. Their abuse and malnourishment left them a sickly and misshapen people. Each successive generation of their descendants has continued to be similarly deformed--small, pale, gaunt, and always ravenously hungry. In the late Third Age, the Pale-folk remain the primary work force of Angmar. In the Witch-king's absence, they are forced to serve Mordirith, the False King, though they are filled with hatred for their dark masters.

Pale-folk are found in Carn Dûm, Urugarth, and The Rift. They are "normal" difficulty and are often not aggressive or only aggro if nearby mobs are aggroed. They have no specific weaknesses or resistances.


Pale-folk were created by the developers of The Lord of the Rings Online. They do not appear in the work of J.R.R. Tolkien.