Offence rating

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All offence ratings (Melee, Ranged, and Tactical) have the same primary stat*10 contribution depending on the class.

Offence stats by class

Different classes receive different amounts of offence by primary stat:

  • Burglar – Offence rating based off Agility.
  • Captain – Offence and Outgoing Healing based off Might
  • Champion – Offence rating based off Might
  • Guardian – Offence rating based off Might
  • Hunter – Offence rating based off Agility
  • Lore-master – Offence based off Will
  • Minstrel – Offence based off Will
  • Rune-keeper – Offence based off Will
  • Warden – Offence based off Might.

Development History

Offence rating was changed by Update 4: Rise of Isengard

Source: Official release notes of Update 4: Rise of Isengard [1]