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Role Supplier

Suppliers are always found in larger crafting areas, in homestead offices, and sometimes at other locations. They sell all sorts of materials for crafters. Materials for particular professions are sold by their vendor NPCs respectively.

In some locations they are simply named "Supplier" and their appearance change randomly.

See "list of all suppliers" throughout Middle-earth.


Item Cost
Ancient Steel Blade Mould-icon.png Ancient Steel Blade Mould Silver20 Copper
Steel Bolts-icon.png Ancient Steel Bolts Silver20 Copper
Ancient Steel Cutlery Mould-icon.png Ancient Steel Cutlery Mould Silver20 Copper
Ancient Steel File-icon.png Ancient Steel File Silver20 Copper
Ancient Steel Nails-icon.png Ancient Steel Nails Silver20 Copper
Ancient Steel Sphere Mould-icon.png Ancient Steel Sphere Mould Silver20 Copper
Ancient Steel Spike Mould-icon.png Ancient Steel Spike Mould Silver20 Copper
Anórien Crop Seed-icon.png Anórien Crop Seed Silver60 Copper
Apprentice Crop Seed-icon.png Apprentice Crop Seed 20 Copper
Apprentice Flower Seed-icon.png Apprentice Flower Seed 20 Copper
Apprentice Pipe-weed Seed-icon.png Apprentice Pipe-weed Seed 20 Copper
Artisan Crop Seed-icon.png Artisan Crop Seed 20 Copper
Artisan Flower Seed-icon.png Artisan Flower Seed 20 Copper
Bag of Salt-icon.png Bag of Salt Silver12 Copper
Baking Seed-icon.png Baking Seed Silver
Ball of Twine-icon.png Ball of Twine 92 Copper
Barrel of Anórien Water-icon.png Barrel of Anórien Water 40 Copper
Barrel of Eastemnet Water-icon.png Barrel of Eastemnet Water 32 Copper
Barrel of Ironfold Water-icon.png Barrel of Ironfold Water 48 Copper
Barrel of Ithilien Water-icon.png Barrel of Ithilien Water 44 Copper
Barrel of Refined Water-icon.png Barrel of Refined Water 48 Copper
Barrel of Water-icon.png Barrel of Water 28 Copper
Barrel of Westemnet Water-icon.png Barrel of Westemnet Water 36 Copper
Blackened Steel Blade Mould-icon.png Blackened Steel Blade Mould Silver80 Copper
Steel Bolts-icon.png Blackened Steel Bolts Silver80 Copper
Blackened Steel Cutlery Mould-icon.png Blackened Steel Cutlery Mould Silver80 Copper
Blackened Steel File-icon.png Blackened Steel File Silver80 Copper
Blackened Steel Nails-icon.png Blackened Steel Nails Silver80 Copper
Blackened Steel Sphere Mould-icon.png Blackened Steel Sphere Mould Silver80 Copper
Blackened Steel Spike Mould-icon.png Blackened Steel Spike Mould Silver80 Copper
Bolt of Cotton Cloth-icon.png Bolt of Cotton Cloth Silver
Bolt of Elven-cloth-icon.png Bolt of Elven-cloth Silver20 Copper
Bolt of Linen Cloth-icon.png Bolt of Linen Cloth Silver40 Copper
Bolt of Magnificent Cloth-icon.png Bolt of Magnificent Cloth Silver80 Copper
Bolt of Rough Cloth-icon.png Bolt of Rough Cloth Silver60 Copper
Bolt of Silk Cloth-icon.png Bolt of Silk Cloth Silver60 Copper
Bottle of Savoury Seasonings-icon.png Bottle of Savoury Seasonings Silver12 Copper
Bottle of Vinegar-icon.png Bottle of Vinegar Silver20 Copper
Bottle of Water-icon.png Bottle of Water 24 Copper
Bronze Blade Mould-icon.png Bronze Blade Mould Silver60 Copper
Bronze Cutlery Mould-icon.png Bronze Cutlery Mould Silver60 Copper
Bucket of Water-icon.png Bucket of Purified Water 24 Copper
Bucket of Water-icon.png Bucket of Water Copper
Bundle of Athelas Leaves-icon.png Bundle of Athelas Leaves Silver40 Copper
Bundle of Athelas Leaves-icon.png Bundle of Greater Athelas Leaves Silver
Bundle of Athelas Leaves-icon.png Bundle of Lesser Athelas Leaves Silver60 Copper
Bundle of Athelas Leaves-icon.png Bundle of Potent Athelas Leaves Silver80 Copper
Bundle of Athelas Leaves-icon.png Bundle of Pure Athelas Leaves Silver20 Copper
Bundle of Athelas Leaves-icon.png Bundle of Refined Athelas Leaves Silver60 Copper
Chicken Egg-icon.png Chicken Egg 24 Copper
Clay Pot-icon.png Clay Pot Silver40 Copper
Cloth-bound Journal-icon.png Cloth-bound Journal Silver
Coney-icon.png Coney 56 Copper
Cooking Supplies-icon.png Cooking Supplies Silver
Cup of Apple Juice-icon.png Cup of Apple Juice Silver20 Copper
Cup of Fresh Cream-icon.png Cup of Fresh Cream Silver12 Copper
Cut of Beef-icon.png Cut of Beef Silver12 Copper
Cut of Mutton-icon.png Cut of Mutton Silver
Drop of Honey-icon.png Drop of Fine Clover Honey Silver12 Copper
Drop of Honey-icon.png Drop of Honey Silver12 Copper
Drop of Honey-icon.png Drop of Wildflower Honey Silver40 Copper
Dwarf-steel Blade Mould-icon.png Dwarf-steel Blade Mould Silver60 Copper
Dwarf-steel Bolts-icon.png Dwarf-steel Bolts Silver60 Copper
Dwarf-steel Cutlery Mould-icon.png Dwarf-steel Cutlery Mould Silver60 Copper
Dwarf-steel File-icon.png Dwarf-steel File Silver60 Copper
Dwarf-steel Nails-icon.png Dwarf-steel Nails Silver60 Copper
Dwarf-steel Sphere Mould-icon.png Dwarf-steel Sphere Mould Silver60 Copper}
Dwarf-steel Spike Mould-icon.png Dwarf-steel Spike Mould Silver60 Copper
Dye Wash-icon.png Dye Wash 20 Silver
Eastemnet Crop Seed-icon.png Eastemnet Crop Seed Silver80 Copper
Empty Glass Bottle-icon.png Empty Glass Bottle Silver60 Copper
Exceptional Glass Lens-icon.png Exceptional Glass Lens Silver80 Copper
Leather Wrapping-icon.png Exceptional Leather Wrapping Silver20 Copper
Expert Crop Seed-icon.png Expert Crop Seed 20 Copper
Expert Flower Seed-icon.png Expert Flower Seed 20 Copper
Expert Pipe-weed Seed-icon.png Expert Pipe-weed Seed 20 Copper
Leather Wrapping-icon.png Extraordinary Leather Wrapping Silver80 Copper
Farming Tools-icon.png Farming Tools Silver
Glass Lens-icon.png Fine Glass Lens Silver40 Copper
Leather Wrapping-icon.png Fine Leather Wrapping Silver40 Copper
Flank of Beef-icon.png Flank of Beef Silver12 Copper
Forester's Axe-icon.png Forester's Axe Silver
Frog Legs-icon.png Frog Legs 60 Copper
Glass Phial-icon.png Glass Phial Silver
Gut Strings-icon.png Gut Strings Silver40 Copper
Hand-bound Journal-icon.png Hand-bound Journal Silver40 Copper
Handful of Ereborian Fertilizer-icon.png Handful of Ereborian Fertilizer 24 Copper
Handful of Fertilizer-icon.png Handful of Fertilizer Copper
Handful of Mixed Nuts-icon.png Handful of Mixed Nuts Silver20 Copper
Haunch of Venison-icon.png Haunch of Venison Silver40 Copper
Hearty Crop Seed-icon.png Hearty Crop Seed Silver40 Copper
Hearty Eastemnet Crop Seed-icon.png Hearty Eastemnet Crop Seed 14 Silver
Hearty Westemnet Crop Seed-icon.png Hearty Westemnet Crop Seed 16 Silver
Hearty Westfold Crop Seed-icon.png Hearty Westfold Crop Seed 12 Silver
High-grade Steel Blade Mould-icon.png High-grade Steel Blade Mould Silver
Steel Bolts-icon.png High-grade Steel Bolts Silver
High-grade Steel Cutlery Mould-icon.png High-grade Steel Cutlery Mould Silver
High-grade Steel File-icon.png High-grade Steel File Silver
High-grade Steel Nails-icon.png High-grade Steel Nails Silver
High-grade Steel Sphere Mould-icon.png High-grade Steel Sphere Mould Silver
High-grade Steel Spike Mould-icon.png High-grade Steel Spike Mould Silver
Ironfold Crop Seed-icon.png Ironfold Crop Seed Silver40 Copper
Ithilien Crop Seed-icon.png Ithilien Crop Seed Silver
Jar of Vegetable Oil-icon.png Jar of Vegetable Oil 56 Copper
Jeweller's Tools-icon.png Jeweller's Tools Silver
Journeyman Crop Seed-icon.png Journeyman Crop Seed 20 Copper
Journeyman Flower Seed-icon.png Journeyman Flower Seed 20 Copper
Journeyman Pipe-weed Seed-icon.png Journeyman Pipe-weed Seed 20 Copper
Khazâd-tin Ingot-icon.png Khazâd-tin Ingot Silver40 Copper
Kindling Material-icon.png Kindling Material Silver60 Copper
Lamb Bone-icon.png Lamb Bone Silver12 Copper
Lamb Kidney-icon.png Lamb Kidney Silver12 Copper
Large Bottle of Milk-icon.png Large Bottle of Milk Silver12 Copper
Large Clay Pot-icon.png Large Clay Pot Silver20 Copper
Large Glass Phial-icon.png Large Glass Phial Silver20 Copper
Leather-bound Journal-icon.png Leather-bound Journal Silver60 Copper
Long Ash Shaft-icon.png Long Ash Shaft Silver40 Copper
Long Black Ash Shaft-icon.png Long Black Ash Shaft Silver20 Copper
Long Lebethron Shaft-icon.png Long Lebethron Shaft Silver60 Copper
Long Mallorn Shaft-icon.png Long Mallorn Shaft Silver80 Copper
Long Rowan Shaft-icon.png Long Rowan Shaft Silver60 Copper
Long Yew Shaft-icon.png Long Yew Shaft Silver
Low-grade Steel Blade Mould-icon.png Low-grade Steel Blade Mould Silver40 Copper
Low-grade Steel Bolts-icon.png Low-grade Steel Bolts Silver40 Copper
Low-grade Steel Cutlery Mould-icon.png Low-grade Steel Cutlery Mould Silver40 Copper
Low-grade Steel File-icon.png Low-grade Steel File Silver40 Copper
Low-grade Steel Nails-icon.png Low-grade Steel Nails Silver40 Copper
Low-grade Steel Sphere Mould-icon.png Low-grade Steel Sphere Mould Silver40 Copper
Low-grade Steel Spike Mould-icon.png Low-grade Steel Spike Mould Silver40 Copper
Lump of Butter-icon.png Lump of Butter 24 Copper
Lump of Coal-icon.png Lump of Coal Silver40 Copper
Lump of Coal-icon.png Lump of Rich Coal Silver80 Copper
Lump of Rich Wax-icon.png Lump of Rich Wax Silver80 Copper
Lump of Riddermark Coal-icon.png Lump of Riddermark Coal 12 Silver80 Copper
Lump of Riddermark Wax-icon.png Lump of Riddermark Wax 12 Silver80 Copper
Lump of Wax-icon.png Lump of Wax 24 Copper
Master Crop Seed-icon.png Master Crop Seed 20 Copper
Master Flower Seed-icon.png Master Flower Seed 20 Copper
Oxtail-icon.png Oxtail Silver
Uncooked Duck Breast-icon.png Partridge Breast Fillet Silver40 Copper
Phial of Celebrant Water-icon.png Phial of Celebrant Water Silver40 Copper
Phial of Greater Celebrant Water-icon.png Phial of Greater Celebrant Water Silver
Phial of Lesser Celebrant Water-icon.png Phial of Lesser Celebrant Water Silver60 Copper
Phial of Potent Celebrant Water-icon.png Phial of Potent Celebrant Water Silver80 Copper
Phial of Pure Celebrant Water-icon.png Phial of Pure Celebrant Water Silver20 Copper
Phial of Refined Celebrant Water-icon.png Phial of Refined Celebrant Water Silver60 Copper
Piece of Chalk-icon.png Piece of Chalk Silver60 Copper
Piece of Goat Cheese-icon.png Piece of Goat Cheese Silver
Piece of Uncooked Bacon-icon.png Piece of Uncooked Bacon 56 Copper
Pile of Dye Salts-icon.png Pile of Dye Salts Silver60 Copper
Pile of Lórien Soil-icon.png Pile of Lórien Soil 96 Copper
Pile of Rivendell Soil-icon.png Pile of Rivendell Soil 48 Copper
Pinch of Yeast-icon.png Pinch of Ale Yeast 24 Copper
Pinch of Anórien Spices-icon.png Pinch of Anórien Spices Silver60 Copper
Pinch of Cinnamon-icon.png Pinch of Cinnamon Silver12 Copper
Pinch of Fresh Ginger-icon.png Pinch of Fresh Ginger Silver40 Copper
Pinch of Yeast-icon.png Pinch of Lager Yeast 24 Copper
Pinch of Mixed Herbs-icon.png Pinch of Mixed Herbs Silver20 Copper
Pinch of Mixed Spice-icon.png Pinch of Mixed Spice Silver20 Copper
Pinch of Pepper-icon.png Pinch of Pepper Silver20 Copper
Pinch of Shire Seasonings-icon.png Pinch of Shire Seasonings 56 Copper
Glass Lens-icon.png Polished Glass Lens Silver
Pork Shank-icon.png Pork Shank 24 Copper
Pouch of Fine Seasonings-icon.png Pouch of Fine Seasonings Silver12 Copper
Glass Lens-icon.png Pristine Glass Lens Silver20 Copper
Leather Wrapping-icon.png Pristine Leather Wrapping Silver60 Copper
Prospector's Tools-icon.png Prospector's Tools Silver
Quill and Ink Set-icon.png Quill and Ink Set Silver40 Copper
Rack of Lamb-icon.png Rack of Lamb Silver20 Copper
Raw Pork Sausage-icon.png Raw Pork Sausage 56 Copper
Riddermark Glass Phial-icon.png Riddermark Glass Phial 12 Silver80 Copper
Riddermark Leather-bound Journal-icon.png Riddermark Leather-bound Journal 12 Silver80 Copper
Glass Lens-icon.png Rough Glass Lens Silver60 Copper
Leather Wrapping-icon.png Rough Leather Wrapping Silver60 Copper
Runic Striking Symbol-icon.png Runic Striking Symbol Silver40 Copper
Runic Vanquishing Symbol-icon.png Runic Vanquishing Symbol Silver40 Copper
Scholar's Glass-icon.png Scholar's Glass Silver
Scoop of Lard-icon.png Scoop of Lard 24 Copper
Sharp Cheese Wheel-icon.png Sharp Cheese Wheel Silver12 Copper
Short Ash Shaft-icon.png Short Ash Shaft Silver40 Copper
Short Black Ash Shaft-icon.png Short Black Ash Shaft Silver20 Copper
Short Lebethron Shaft-icon.png Short Lebethron Shaft Silver60 Copper
Short Mallorn Shaft-icon.png Short Mallorn Shaft Silver80 Copper
Short Rowan Shaft-icon.png Short Rowan Shaft Silver60 Copper
Short Yew Shaft-icon.png Short Yew Shaft Silver
Small Candle-icon.png Small Candle Silver60 Copper
Small Clay Pot-icon.png Small Clay Pot Silver76 Copper
Small Glass Phial-icon.png Small Glass Phial 40 Copper
Smithing Hammer-icon.png Smithing Hammer Silver
Spool of Ancient Steel Wire-icon.png Spool of Ancient Steel Wire Silver20 Copper
Spool of Blackened Steel Wire-icon.png Spool of Blackened Steel Wire Silver80 Copper
Spool of Bronze Wire-icon.png Spool of Bronze Wire Silver60 Copper
Spool of Cotton Thread-icon.png Spool of Cotton Thread Silver
Spool of Dwarf-steel Wire-icon.png Spool of Dwarf-steel Wire Silver60 Copper
Spool of Elven-thread-icon.png Spool of Elven-thread Silver20 Copper
Spool of Extraordinary Thread-icon.png Spool of Extraordinary Thread Silver80 Copper
Spool of Fine Thread-icon.png Spool of Fine Thread Silver40 Copper
Spool of High-grade Steel Wire-icon.png Spool of High-grade Steel Wire Silver
Spool of Low-grade Steel Wire-icon.png Spool of Low-grade Steel Wire Silver40 Copper
Spool of Rough Thread-icon.png Spool of Rough Thread Silver60 Copper
Spool of Silk Thread-icon.png Spool of Silk Thread Silver60 Copper
Stalk of Rhubarb-icon.png Stalk of Rhubarb Silver12 Copper
Leather Wrapping-icon.png Sturdy Leather Wrapping Silver
Glass Lens-icon.png Superb Glass Lens Silver16 Copper
Supreme Crop Seed-icon.png Supreme Crop Seed 20 Copper
Tailor's Tools-icon.png Tailor's Tools Silver
Tin Ingot-icon.png Tin Ingot 40 Copper
Uncooked Chicken-icon.png Uncooked Chicken Silver12 Copper
Uncooked Duck Breast-icon.png Uncooked Duck Breast Silver20 Copper
Uncooked Pork Chop-icon.png Uncooked Pork Chop Silver12 Copper
Westemnet Crop Seed-icon.png Westemnet Crop Seed Silver20 Copper
Westfold Crop Seed-icon.png Westfold Crop Seed Silver40 Copper
Wild Flower Seed-icon.png Wild Flower Seed 12 Silver
Wild Pipe-weed Seed-icon.png Wild Pipe-weed Seed 12 Silver
Wooden Pegs-icon.png Wooden Pegs Silver40 Copper
Woodworking Tools-icon.png Woodworking Tools Silver