Moria Orc-city

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The Moria Orc-city

The Moria Orcs are a whole mishmash of Orc tribes thrown together and shipped of to Moria.Some are Deep-dwellers, living in the depths for millennium, and some are of the new legions being sent to Moria. They are firmly dug in, having far more experience in the unlit worlds of the deeps than even the dwarves who seek to reclaim it. They know every hidden passage, every potential ambush point, and so the Iron Garrison's victory will not come for a very long time. Indeed, they have entrenched themselves so firmly that not only have they repelled the current invasion, but also Balin's expedition, Thror's attempt after he was removed from the Lonely Mountain, and all the various wars that have been waged over this vast expanse of caverns. The items they pillage go to other war efforts elsewhere, supplying mithril, steel, stone, gems, and gold to build the towering structures of the Dark Lord. The one thing they struggle to achieve, though, is food. The lack of this critical resource will mean that the Orcs will not be able to hold forever if both gates to Moria are blockaded. Because of this, undernourishment and deficiencies make Orcs an ideal carrier of the new plague brought from the uttermost deeps, creating Globsnaga Orcs. These new Orcs prove just as hostile as their 'uncorrupted' cousins.