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This page contains various messages generated by the Mac Client. It is by no means complete.

The Login Process

A typical Patch run
Ready for Userid and Password
Select the world you want to login to
Queueing for World access

Authentication failure

Authentication error

This message occurs when the Turbine Authentication (login) servers are down (

This often happens during "maintenance" windows, and is unrelated to the availability of the Game Servers themselves. That is, while you may not be able to login, others previously logged in are still able to continue playing.

Typically when this occurs, the Forum servers - - are available; as is the main Account Management Server -

A request to authenticate a userid and password combination were passed to the servers which did not return a valid answer.
This failure is logged in ~/Library/Logs/LotroLauncher.log.

Internal Error

Internal error

"Internal Error. Please contact customer support."

This message occurs when the client is attempting to contact the Patch Server but the Server is down.

Internal error

An update error occurred:

An update error occurred:

This message normally occurs early in the patch process. And results in a "retry countdown timer" displaying as it tries again.

  • It typically means that the Patch Server is not responding in a timely fashion.
The cause can range from the fact that the server is overloaded (but not down) to the fact that your ISP has issues connecting to Turbine's servers.
The only "fix" is to wait a while and try again. Usually such connectivity issues are "self healing," that is, you will never know what the problem actually was, only that it was "fixed."
  • The log file "<userid>/Library/Logs/LotroLauncher.log" will typically display messages such as:
2012.11.28 15:48:31[C] PatchFlow::AdmitFailure 
2012.11.28 15:48:31[C] 	 ../patcherui/patchflow.cpp, 63  [ "Server connection timed out." ] 
2012.11.28 15:48:41[C]  
2012.11.28 15:48:41[C] PatchFlow::AdmitFailure 
2012.11.28 15:48:41[C] 	 ../patcherui/patchflow.cpp, 63  [ "Server connection timed out." ] 
2012.11.28 15:48:41[W] QTimeLine::start: already running

This thread has a discussion about the issue:

File is damaged and should move to trash

This is an Apple Gatekeeper message: see: Mac_Client_Gatekeeper_Information for a discussion of the problem and the solution.