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Mac Client Keyboards

Logitech G105 Keyboard

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Status: 14 August 2014
The Logitech Gaming Keyboard is supported on the Mac by Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) (current version 8.50.133).
OSX recognizes the G105 as an ANSI keyboard. (A standard 101-key or 102-key keyboard.)

Important notes

  • Profiles and LOTRO. These do NOT work as described in the Logitech documentation because of the implementation of both LOTRO and LGS.
G105 Keyboard Layout
  • Key #4 - Game/desktop mode switch - is described thusly:
Disables/enables the Windows/Context Menu keys so you won’t activate these Windows features by accident during a game.
This explanation may convey meaning to Windows (PC) users, but is meaningless to OSX (Mac) users.
In fact, this switch is very important to Mac users but the implications of its actions are VERY different.
Any time this switch is activated, ANY use of the "Windows Key" or "Menu Key" is disabled all the time -- no matter what application, game or not, is running!
  • As with most PC keyboards when used on a Mac, the "Windows Key" is equivalent to the Mac Command Key (⌘) (aka the Apple Key).
When this switch is depressed (i.e. illuminated), this key-stroke is NOT available to ANY OSX Application! (I.e the key press is not delivered to the application having keyboard focus.)
Consequently, shortcuts such as ⌘-q do nothing!

OSX Keyboard viewer

  • In System Preferences, select "keyboard," check the box "Show Keyboard & Character Viewers in menu bar."
This will display ⌨ in the upper right side of the menu bar.
A right click on this icon (⌨) will display a pop-up menu, select "Show Keyboard Viewer" and a view of a keyboard will be displayed on your screen.
This display will highlight any key which is depressed on your keyboard, allowing you to determine which keys produce which values.
  • Function keys F9 through F12 and F14 and F15 are NOT displayed in the viewer when depressed as they are intercepted by OSX to perform various Mac specific operations:
These are controlled by the "Shortcuts" panel of this same Keyboard panel:
F9 - Trigger Mission Control
F10 - Display open applications as windows
F11 - Hide all windows and display the desktop
F12 - Toggle Desktop
F14 - Increase Screen Brightness
F15 - Decrease Screen Brightness
Pressing the "FN" (Function) key (to the right of the space bar on the G105) and F6 - F12 perform audio manipulation actions - in applications such as iTunes/DvD player, etc.
F6 - Mute
F7 - Lower Volume
F8 - Raise Volume
F9 - Play/Pause - ▶
F10 - Stop - ◼︎
F11 - (Fast) Rewind - ⇤
F12 - (Fast) Forward - ⇥

Modifier Keys

  • AltGr Win Menu Ctrl key.jpg

tricks from en.wikipedia

{{key press/core|Cmd}}+{{key press/core|Z}} generates: Template:Key press/core+Template:Key press/core
{{Unicode|⌘}} Cmd generates: Template:Unicode Cmd
The Apple Command symbol in Unicode - "Place of Interest Sign" - (HTML hex): & #x2318; -- ⌘
The Apple Option symbol in Unicode - "Option Key" - (HTML hex) & #x2325; -- ⌥