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A Mac Client download for Bullroarer was posted by Kehleyr on 5 September for the Helm's Deep beta

"Bullroarer Installer for Mac" --

This client has several problems.

  • It "hangs" after apparently downloading all 30 transition screens -- i.e. after the FR-10 screen.
To go beyond this point (as discovered by aewqedse) do the following:
A) Using the Finder -- Navigate to the Client ... nominally in Applications
B) Right click on the client, and select "Show Package Contents"
C) Navigate to the folder "MacOS"
D) Launch the application Terminal (Applications/Utilities/Terminal)
E) in the Terminal window, type "sudo"
F) From the Finder window, drag the file "lotrolauncher" into terminal window and press enter,
G) Type your system administrator password and hit return...
At this point the client will launch and again download the transitions screens. It will then begin patching.
  • Since this client is from Update 8 (October 2012) this patch pass will be a "Full Build" download -- it will take on the order several hours, depending upon your communications speed.
(Subsequent patches will be much faster.)
  • It is probable that the patch process will abort part way through for any number of reasons.
To restart simply go to the terminal window and type "ctrl-p" -- this will bring up a line like:
(In my case I have the app on an external FireWire volume, and have renamed it slightly)
> sudo /Volumes/FW09/Beta-The\ Lord\ of\ the\ Rings\ Online™.app/Contents/MacOS/LotroLauncher
Hit return and enter you Administrator password. After downloading the 30 transition screens again, it should pick-up patching where it left off... or prompt you for your userid and password to enter Bullroarer (assuming it is up).
Beta Mac Client - while updating