Letter from Gandalf: Deal With Saruman

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At the conclusion of Volume III, Book 13, Gandalf told you he would contact you when it was time to approach Isengard.
You receive a letter in the Mail from Gandalf.
From Gandalf:
To: <name>
Subject: Deal With Saruman
The Battle of the Hornburg is over, my friend. Come find me after sunrise on the field of victory at Helm's Deep.
In the fortress of the Hornburg, interact with the banner and you will be taken to the correct time of day, at which point we can speak.


  • Visit Helm's Deep
  • Find Gléowine [63.9S, 89.9W]
  • Click on the banner standing against the wall behind Gléowine -- "Helm's Deep Sunrise". The Banner will only be available after you have completed Book 13.
  • After the transition, you can return to the Main Gate, and exit into the field of victory.
  • Gandalf is at the far edge of the Deeping-coomb watching the Ents of Fangorn beyond Helm's Dike [71.0N, 17.6W]