Leaves of Lothlorien

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Swirling like the leaves of Lothlorien, your fellowship strikes from all sides, leaving wounds that slow while rallying and energizing all.


  • All members of the fellowship (whether they participated or not) will receive a heal over time with 5 second tick and 35 second duration (healing 88 morale per tick at level 15).
  • Every member of the fellowship will also recover power.
  • The target will receive additional direct damage.
  • The target will take level 5 yellow bleeding (DoT) damage with 3 second tick and 45 second duration (dealing 49 damage per tick for a total of 735 at level 15).
  • Level 5 yellow debuff: applies a 15 second countdown timer on target(wound resistance). After the timer expires, target takes a 30% to run speed and 10% to attack speed penalty.


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