Kyma Grey-bear

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Kyma Grey-bear
Image of Kyma Grey-bear
Role Two-handed Weaponsmith
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region Ered Luin
Area Thorin's Gate
Settlement Thorin's Hall
Interior Hall of Merchants
Map Ref [13.8S, 103.2W]


Kyma Grey-bear is a Two-handed Weaponsmith found at the upper level of the Hall of Merchants within Thorin's Hall.


Item Level Cost
Two-handed Axe 1 (common)-icon.png Heavy Axe 15 15 Silver40 Copper
Two-handed Axe 1 (common)-icon.png Heavy Axe 18 16 Silver24 Copper
Two-handed Axe 1 (common)-icon.png Great Axe 21 17 SilverCopper
Two-handed Axe 1 (common)-icon.png Great Axe 24 17 Silver92 Copper
Halberd 1 (common)-icon.png Cleaved Halberd 15 Silver20 Copper
Halberd 1 (common)-icon.png Cleaved Halberd 17 Silver76 Copper
Halberd 1 (common)-icon.png Sickled Halberd 19 Silver32 Copper
Halberd 1 (common)-icon.png Sickled Halberd 22 10 Silver16 Copper
Two-handed Hammer 2 (common)-icon.png Heavy Chisel-edge Hammer 15 15 Silver40 Copper
Two-handed Hammer 2 (common)-icon.png Heavy Chisel-edge Hammer 18 16 Silver24 Copper
Two-handed Hammer 2 (common)-icon.png Heavy Stalwart Hammer 21 17 SilverCopper
Two-handed Hammer 2 (common)-icon.png Heavy Stalwart Hammer 24 17 Silver92 Copper
Lightning Rune-stone 7 (common)-icon.png Flint Rune-Stone 16 Silver48 Copper
Frost Rune-stone 2 (common)-icon.png Icy Rune-Stone 19 Silver32 Copper
Fire Rune-stone 1 (common)-icon.png Obsidian Rune-stone 22 Silver16 Copper
Fire Rune-stone 1 (common)-icon.png Obsidian Rune-stone 25 Silver
Staff 2 (common)-icon.png Leather-bound Metal Staff 16 Silver48 Copper
Staff 2 (common)-icon.png Leather-bound Metal Staff 19 Silver32 Copper
Staff 2 (common)-icon.png Leather-bound Metal Staff 22 Silver16 Copper
Staff 2 (common)-icon.png Leather-bound Metal Staff 25 Silver


"We dwarves only trade in the finest goods, if you ever pass this way again and are in need of quality equipment be sure to visit again!"