Kala-gijak Tower-climber

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Deed Lore

Climb all of Kala-gijak's towers.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Climb the first tower [52.5S, 29.9E]
Climb the second tower [52.4S, 29.8E]
Climb the third tower [52.4S, 29.6E]
Climb the fourth tower [52.4S, 29.3E]
Climb the fifth tower [52.6S, 29.1E]
Climb the sixth tower [52.7S, 28.9E]
Climb the seventh tower [52.9S, 28.7E]
Climb the eighth tower [52.3S, 28.7E]


  Mark-icon.png 30 Marks
  Explorer-title-icon.png <name>, Tower-climber
  Reputation-icon.png Increased Reputation with Conquest of Gorgoroth ( 700 )

Additional Information

  • This deed contributes to the Explorer of Agarnaith meta-deed.

    To reach each tower you must climb a different ladder. The coordinates are the ladder locations.