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New Scroll of Empowerment Costs

Posted by Frelorn on 6 January 2016

Originally posted by Frelorn:
New Scroll of Empowerment Costs! 1-11-2016
Over the past several months we have been reading the feedback from players that in some aspects of the game, the “grind” can be a little daunting, especially for those players who have multiple alternate characters they want to use. Based on that feedback we have decided to make some adjustments to the cost for Scrolls of Empowerment. The changes listed below will be in Update 17.2 which will go live later this month. (January 2016).
New Scroll of Empowerment Costs
  • Marks: 2541
  • Medallions: 293
  • Stars of Merit: 90
  • Morgul Crests: 3
  • Dol Amroth Silver Pieces: 20
  • Gold and Silver DA Tokens: 7G - 20S
  • East Gondor Silver Pieces: 15
  • Gift-giver's Brands: 10
  • Builder's Tokens: 4
  • Commendations: 1000
This is just one of the things the team has in store for Update 17.2 and beyond. This change along with many others we are looking into, should help alleviate that feeling that some players have about the “grindy” feel to certain aspects of the game.