Item Sets

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General Information

Item Sets are collections of items (Armour, Jewellery and/or Weapon) that grant extra attributes when they are equipped together. They are usually restricted by a Minimum Level, Class or Armour Type. Acquisition is frequently restricted by Reputation with some faction. Some or all items in a set may be acquired:

  • as quest rewards
  • bought or bartered with reputation vendors
  • augmented by rebartering a previously owned item

So far, no crafted item is part of a set granting extra attributes.

Over time, item sets, particularly Armour, once available only through various "end-game" raids, have become available by bartering Marks & Medallions:

Some item sets also have become cosmetic items available of LOTRO Points (LP) in the LOTRO Store; the Rift-defender's Armour is one such set now available as Ceremonial Rift-defender's Outfit.

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Class Restricted Armour Sets

Quest Rewards

Echad Candelleth

Tal Bruinen, Trollshaws; rewards from 40-45 quests


Angmar; rewards from 43-44 quests
Armour - Hands, legs, body, feet, shoulders

Weapons & jewellery


Rewards from 45-49 quests; 2x Finger, Neck


Rewards from 48 quests

Goblin Town

Misty Mountains; rewards from 49-50 quests

The Great River

See also: The Great River (Anduin) Jewellery Set Comparisons
Jewellery sets available in The Great River area, from a combination of Quest and Reputation barter pieces.

  • Exemplar's Blessing - Primary bonus: Might & Tactical Mastery - Captain, Champion, Guardian
  • Victor's Might - Primary bonus: Might & Physical Mastery - Captain, Champion, Guardian

World Drop Items