Item:Writ of Remount

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Writ of Remount-icon.png
  Writ of Remount
  • Consumed On Use
  • On Use:
  • Allows you to instantly remount your War-steed once.
    Instantly remount your war-steed
  • Duration: 10m
  • Cooldown: 5m
  • Minimum Level 75
  • Cannot use with Effect: Writ of Remount
  • "Use this item and the next time you mount your war-steed in the next ten minutes, you'll get back on the horse instantly!"

Item Information

This item is available for purchase in the LOTRO Store. When purchased from the store, this item is Bound to Account, and flagged as purchased from the store.

This item is an occasional Lottery prize. When received as a lottery prize, this item is not bound, nor flagged as purchased from the store.