Item:Westemnet Iron Coin

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Westemnet Iron Coin-icon.png
Westemnet Iron Coin
  • Bind On Acquire
  • Item Level: 1
  • Barter Item
  • "An iron coin used to trade for goods in the western lands of Rohan."


Barterers can be found

Item Information

Westemnet Iron Coins are gained as reward for quests and deeds (only 10 for completing all quest deeds) in West Rohan. After completing all of these, there are only two ways to gain more. One is by doing West Rohan Warband Quests. These reward with 10 coins. Additionally, Update 18.1 added 5 coins to the reward for each West Rohan Task.

Players automatically receive one Westemnet Iron Coin for each character when logged after the launch of Update 12, Helm's Deep, but that's a one time thing.

Modulo Issue

After completing all one-time quests that reward Westemnet Iron Coins and all deeds that grant them, the player may be dismayed to discover that all repeatable quests grant a multiple of 5 coins, and all barters are also a multiple of 5 coins, thus it may be impossible to clean this currency completely out of the wallet, if their current quantity is not likewise a multiple of 5. This is the so-called "modulo" issue; the Computing Theory term referring to the numerical remainder after a division operation. Care can be taken ahead of time to skip certain quests or deeds that award Westemnet Iron Coins, if one prioritizes wallet cleanliness/hygiene over completionism of content.