Item:To the Aid of Rohan

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Letter 3 (quest)-icon.png
  To the Aid of Rohan

Quest Information

This item starts the quest [75] Quest:Rohan Awaits.

This item begins and completes the Deed: To the Aid of Rohan -- Rohan awaits you.

Item Information

Upon reaching level 74, a character automatically receives this letter as loot (check your pending loot bag).

From: G
To: <name>
I write this letter in haste, for many great tasks are at hand, and I have been long away. I make for Rohan this very moment, and you should ride there with all the speed you can muster.
I cannot see the future, but I know you will be sorely needed in that land before the end. If you befriend the horse-lords there, they will likely gift you with one of their own great steeds.
You will need a new steed, you see. War is coming.
-- G