Item:Tattered Minas Ithil Parchment

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Tattered Minas Ithil Parchment
  • Item Level: 116
  • "Merchants' papers, notes between friends and lovers, a Minstrel's song ideas. Minas Ithil lives on in these small remembrances.

    This item can be used by Minas Ithil Scholars."
  • Worth: 5 Silver 10 Copper 
  • Stacks to 500

Item Information

This item can be found in an Ithil Artifact Chest or a Minas Morgul Chest.

Craft Information

Profession: Scholar

​Crafting Tier: Minas Ithil (Tier 13)

​Recipe:  Tattered Minas Ithil Parchment Recipe


Standard Critical
 Tattered Minas Ithil Parchment 2 Tattered Minas Ithil Parchments

This item is used by a Minas Ithil Scholar as a component for almost all recipes of this tier.