Item:Stained Envelope

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Letter 3 (quest)-icon.png
  Stained Envelope

Quest Information

This item starts the quest [65] In Their Absence, Chapter 1 - Small Fellowship.

Item Information

Upon reaching level 65, a character automatically receives this letter in the mail.

From: Barliman Butterbur
To: <name>
Subject: Heroes Needed
Things have been bad around here, friend, and knowing that you are a person of no small courage, I have decided to write on behalf of a patron of the Pony. His name is Henric Banks, and he is a hobbit of Bree. He has family in the town of Oatbarton, which is a village in the Shire. Henric has told me on other, happier occasions that it is quite a nice place. Well, he received a letter from his cousin Fenric talking about strange goings-on in Oatbarton, and wanted me to send heroes to investigate. I have enclosed Fenric's letter, seeing as he explains the matter much better than I could do, and hope that you will travel to Oatbarton to see what is happening there. Most sincerely and with wishes for your continued good health.
Barliman Butterbur