Item:Small Bundle of Mixed Provisions Recipe

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Westemnet Cook Recipe-icon.png
  Small Bundle of Mixed Provisions Recipe
  • Bind on Acquire
  • Recipe Cooldown: 2 days 18 hours
  • Requires: Celebrated Standing with Host of the West
  • Requires: Anórien Cook crafting ability
  • "Using this scroll grants a Small Bundle of Mixed Provisions Recipe"
  • Worth: 14 Silver 10 Copper 
Bundle of Rangers' Provisions-icon.png
6 Bundle of Rangers' Provisions
Anórien Craft XP Earned:
Cooldown: 2 days 18 hours

Tool Required: Cooking Supplies
Facility Required: Superior Oven

Crafting Panel - Proficiency-icon.png Ingredients:
Cap of Evengleam-icon.png
0/6 Cap of Evengleam
Large Clay Pot-icon.png
0/3 Large Clay Pot
Bottle of Water-icon.png
0/3 Bottle of Water
Bottle of Savoury Seasonings-icon.png
0/3 Bottle of Savoury Seasonings
Cup of Black Barley Flour-icon.png
0/3 Cup of Black Barley Flour
Eastemnet Metalsmith's Journal-icon.png
0/1 Rangers' Journal of Dagorlad Cookery

Barter Information

This item can be obtained from any Quartermaster (Host of the West) once you achieved the Rank of Celebrated.
Item to Receive Items to Trade
Westemnet Cook Recipe-icon.png Small Bundle of Mixed Provisions Recipe 80Host of the West Silver Piece-icon.png Host of the West Silver Pieces