Item:Rotting Pages

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Rotting Pages

Quest Information

Rotting Pages

By der of Durin, use o is knowledge by those not permitted to its use is punishable by death or impri ent, at his discre n. Let it be kno t use of the forges of Nâr-kh b off Hedad-tharâkh are gated b permi on of Blacksmith Ongli or Durin himself, or any others to whi en the honour from either o onts.

The doors shall be hidden until llowing steps are taken:

One: O i shall be hailed as a master bl th, worthy of congratula n or salute to his stature as Durin's man, an arti of no smal epute.

Two: The door shall be comma d to open, as follows: Bâb kanon zuhûk!