Item:Pile of Rich Soil

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Pile of Rich Soil-icon.png
  Pile of Rich Soil
  • Item Level: 70
  • "This high quality soil can be used by experienced Westfold Farmers to grow fields of wild pipe-weed and flowers.

    Rich soil also contains peat, which can be extracted and used in some Westfold farming recipes to increase the chance of critical success."
  • Worth: 36 Copper 
  • Stacks to 500

Item Information

This Item is an uncommon result from Westfold farming recipes (Bilberry, Coffee, Black Barley, Leeks) both with normal and hearty seeds.

Craft Information

This item is a component in:

  • Clump of Peat-icon.png Clump of Peat (used to get automatic crit on Westfold field recipes)