Item:Piece of Thornholt Bark

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Piece of Thornholt Bark-icon.png
Piece of Thornholt Bark
  • Item Level: 116
  • "Bark is used as a tanning agent on leathers and to help strengthen items made from wood.

    This item can be used in some Ironfold Forester, Tailor and Woodworker recipes to increase the change of critical success."
  • Worth: 19 Silver 60 Copper 
  • Stacks to 500

Craft Information

Profession: Forester

​Crafting Tier: Ironfold (Tier 12)

​Recipe: Doomfold Forester Recipe-icon.png Piece of Thornholt Bark Recipe


Standard Critical
Piece of Thornholt Bark-icon.png Piece of Thornholt Bark Piece of Thornholt Bark-icon.png 3 Bits of Thornholt Bark

This item is used as a Mastery Component for many Tier 12 recipes.

View the Forester Ironfold Recipe Index, Tailor Ironfold Recipe Index & Woodworker Ironfold Recipe Index for more details.

Quest Information

This item can be found in :