Item:Map to Saeradan's Lodge

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Map to Saeradan's Lodge
  • Unique
  • Starts Quest: Saeradan's Call
  • "This map will lead you to the home of the Ranger Saeradan in Bree-land."

Quest Information

This item starts the quest [18] Saeradan's Call.

Item Information

Map to Saeradan's Lodge
From: Saeradan
To: <name>
Subject: Ferny is not yet done.
I am Saeradan and my lord, Strider, asked me to watch your progress in these lands. Your efforts to thwart these brigands may appear to be at an end. I fear it is not. If you would visit me at my lodge we can discuss, in depth, the depths to which Bill Ferny has sunk.


This item/map is obtained when the quest Payment in Full has been completed at Adso's Camp.