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  List of Ingredients
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List of Ingredients

Ingredients for the Brew:

Hulwul-hurz herbs. They have a sweet aroma when burned, and several of the Dunlending clans throw bundles of this herb into campfires in the center of their villages. Dunlendings can be found at their villages in Thror's Coomb, such as Gwâl Draig. There are some smaller villages south of that one, but I do not know what they call it. Beware, for that clan is certainly hostile.

Nijam-mujdu petals. These flowers grow alongside the bank of the lake in southwestern Thror's Coomb. The Dunlendings call it Munudh Dûv, or some such name. Their language is difficult for dwarf ears to understand.

Kibil-luwz, a nut that has a strong flavour. Warriors of the Draig-lûth, and other hostile Dunlending clans that make their home in Thror's Coomb, crunch a Kibil-luwz during battle for a burst of stamina; it makes them very effective in battle. But that is not what it does when broken and steeped in liquid, as they will be for the brew.