Item:Laerdan's Note (Quest)

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  Laerdan's Note
  • "A letter"

Quest Information

This item is given by the quest [50] Vol. 1, Book 10 -- Chapter 13: The Plan Carried Out.

Laerdan's Note

Laerdan's Note

My friends,

Too long have I fled from my obligations, but no more. I go now to Barad Tironn, where I alone will confront Amarthiel. It is not right that I should send you to wrest the palantír from her clutches, when I am to blame for much of her evil. I will no longer shirk my responsibility. If I succeed, there will be no cause for fear. If I fail, I will have fallen doing what I should have done long ago: the debt must be paid, and if I perish in its payment, even that would be just.

Would that I could see you in person and tell you why I must do this, but I cannot. Our of kindness and friendship, you would seek to dissuade me, and I fear I am not strong enough to maintain my course when confronted with such persuasions.

Do not follow me, my friends. This is something I must do alone.

- Laerdan