Item:Journal of Captain Rabghul - Page 4

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  Journal of Captain Rabghul - Page 4
  • Unique
  • "A page from Captain Rabghul's journal found in the caverns beneath The Forsaken Inn."
  • Worth: 57 Copper 

Deed Information

Collecting this item is a requirement for the deed The Journal of Captain Rabghul.

Item Information

Twenty-eighth of October

They're all dead. The lads. I had a terrible nightmare that they were crying out in pain, and awoke to find their bodies strewn about the caverns like boughs after a storm. Blood everywhere. I don't know what happened. Last night was just like every other night - I put the necklace on and slept in the corner with one eye on the door, just to be sure. I don't understand. It doesn't make sense. Who killed them?

Six of Novembre

I've buried them all. I had to. The way they looked at me with their cold, dead eyes ... it's as if they BLAMED me. But I didn't do it! I would remember if I did. Wouldn't I? No ... they must have carved each other up squabbling over who would get the necklace - after they TOOK it from me! Well, I'm GLAD they're dead. Now at least my precious jewel will be safe!

Twelveth Novembre

Flashes. Memories? I see myself, holding an axe. The faces of my crew ... horrified, then broken. Blood, blood. The necklace ... pulsing, pounding at my chest. It made me do it. IT MADE ME. But I love it any way. No one can change that.


I miss them. It's so lonely here. Just me and my thoughts. And my pretty necklace. I do love it, I do. It doesn't judge me. It is my one companion and friend. It would never lead me astray.