Item:Journal of Captain Rabghul - Page 3

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  Journal of Captain Rabghul - Page 3
  • Unique
  • "A page from Captain Rabghul's journal found in the caverns beneath The Forsaken Inn."
  • Worth: 57 Copper 

Deed Information

Collecting this item is a requirement for the deed The Journal of Captain Rabghul.

Item Information

Fifteenth of September

I feel renewed when I don the necklace. I can't explain it, but it is as if its mere touch brings fresh strength coursing through my veins. I feel like I can do anything while I'm wearing it.

Twenty-first of September

I have removed the necklace for now. I fear it was beginning to affect my judgement. Last week I flew into a rage when Rubej told me he'd heard talk in town of putting together a search party to track us down. I hurled against the wall and nearly broke his back. The bauble, it seems, fuels my anger as well as giving me strength. Even so, I cannot bring myself to get rid of it. It is too dear to me.

Third of October

I fear the gang is growing leary of me. The search party has been afield for more than a week, and we're bee lying low in the caverns. All this time in close quarters has told upon us all. Yesterday I caught Khedem in my quarters, rummaging through my things. I bloodied his nose to teach him his place. I don't think he saw the necklace, but it was a near thing. I don't know what I would have done if he took it ...

Seventeenth of October

The lads are plotting to take the necklace. I am sure of it. I heard Tunon and Bughed whispering to each other then they got quiet when I walked by. The lot of them eye me when they think I'm not looking. I am sure of it. I must protect it. I will defend it however I can. I should start wearing it again, to keep it safe.

Additional Information

The note can be found behind the 'brawn' wall in the room where the first page is. It is on the left spur on the second floor of the room behind the second riddle door.